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Budget calls to Guinea-Bissau

With BudgetCalls you can make low cost calls to Guinea-Bissau with your regular phone. No subscription or signup is needed, you can start now !

Call the access number below, wait for connection and enter the full phone number you wish to call. Finish with the hash sign(#) and we put you trough!

You simply pay through the phone bill of your regular telco (ie. BT). Start now and save on your calls to Guinea-Bissau!

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Compare call rates to Guinea-Bissau

Your regular telco would charge you up to 203.2 pence per minute for your calls to Guinea-Bissau, BudgetCalls charge you only 50pence per minute! Below we compare the call rates per minute of UK's 6 major telcos with BudgetCalls.

Compare your telco with BudgetCalls and see what you can save on your calls!

  BT Virgin TalkTalk Sky O2 Orange BudgetCalls
Fixed 120 p/m 168.5 p/m 100.6 p/m 159.1 p/m 91.9 p/m 52 p/m 50 p/m *
Mobile 147.3 p/m 203.2 p/m 131.3 p/m 159.1 p/m 91.9 p/m 104 p/m 50 p/m *

*Plus your phone provider's access charge.


Supported Telcos

BudgetCalls works with all (broadband) telcos in UK: BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, Sky, O2, Orange, Primus, Post Office, PlusNet, Tesco, etc.


Calling from a mobile phone is possible as well, but your mobile provider add a surcharge per minute. If you're able to use BudgetCalls from a fixed line we would recommend that option!


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