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Budget calls to Brunei

With BudgetCalls you can make low cost calls to Brunei with your regular phone. No subscription or signup is needed, you can start now !

Call the access number below, wait for connection and enter the full phone number you wish to call. Finish with the hash sign(#) and we put you trough!

You simply pay through the phone bill of your regular telco (ie. BT). Start now and save on your calls to Brunei!

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Compare call rates to Brunei

Your regular telco would charge you up to 203.2 pence per minute for your calls to Brunei, BudgetCalls charge you only 2pence per minute! Below we compare the call rates per minute of UK's 6 major telcos with BudgetCalls.

Compare your telco with BudgetCalls and see what you can save on your calls!

  BT Virgin TalkTalk Sky O2 Orange BudgetCalls
Fixed 80.5 p/m 168.5 p/m 80.8 p/m 80.78 p/m 91.9 p/m 26 p/m p/m *
Mobile 107.8 p/m 203.2 p/m 111.5 p/m 106.3 p/m 91.9 p/m 46 p/m p/m *

*Plus your phone provider's access charge.


Supported Telcos

BudgetCalls works with all (broadband) telcos in UK: BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, Sky, O2, Orange, Primus, Post Office, PlusNet, Tesco, etc.


Calling from a mobile phone is possible as well, but your mobile provider add a surcharge per minute. If you're able to use BudgetCalls from a fixed line we would recommend that option!


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